Traction cells

Ogniwa trakcyjne Ogniwa trakcyjne

Acid traction cells are produced using innovative technology. The cells are built from positive armour plates and polished negative plates.

Cores of the positive plate and the grille of the negative plate are cast from alloy of lead with low content of antimony slowing the reaction of water decomposition in the cell during operation.

Cores of the positive armour plate are placed in tubular casings made of micro porous material guaranteeing a very high voltage of electricity.

In further cycles of the production process, using the latest technology, tubular casings are filled with a properly prepared mixture blend

Traction Cells

Using polishing technology, active mass is placed on the grille of the negative plates. Later, the sorting out of surfaces takes place using separators. Material in the form of micro porous material, with the addition of silica, provides a low electric resistance. In turn, this appropriately is inserted between the plates to eliminate the formation of short circuits.

In this way, sets are placed into vessels made from polypropylene. They are then permanently sealed with a lid that prevents electrolytes from escaping outside the cell. The traction cell is equipped with a cork and pivoting lid assuring easy access to the inside of the cell. Thanks to using our unique technology, cell traction durability and reliability are guaranteed for operation.


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