Traction batteries (MELEX)

Akumulatory trakcyjne Akumulatory trakcyjne

Traction Batteries of type 3 PT (6 V) is the power source for engines in golf carts like “Melex”. They are used by major manufacturers of electric vehicles, wheelchairs, cleaning machines, transport devices, elevators and boats.

The energy sourse is built from three battery cells put in a shared polypropylene vessel (monoblock). Sets of positive armoured plates made with the technology of “wet” filling and of negative checkered plates are sorted out with polypropylene separators. This allows prepared sets to be placed in monoblocks and bonded thermally preventing the escape of electrolytes outside the cell. Each monoblock is equipped with a ventilation cork and pivoting lid to facilitate the battery during the use.

Thanks to using our unique technology, production of our traction batteries are known for endurance with a lasting lifespan (5-6 years of failure-free work).

Technical data

Traction Batteries of type 3 PT (6V)

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