BASIC Series

Basic series of traction batteries are designed for electric vehicles, and are distinguished by a high efficiency of operation and ease of use. Thanks to its unique design and advanced technology, these batteries ensure a constant level of energy needed to power electric driving trucks. They are used in logistics, commerce, industry, and are known for holding a long battery life (1600 cycles). This allows for true reliability and pleasing for the operator.

Traction batteries – BASIC Series

LINK BASIC Series can be equipped with additional battery systems:

Electrolyte-Mix System

This is a life system which significantly affects battery life due to automatically mixing electrolytes. This system consists of an air supply hose connected to the bottom of a cell forcing pumped air into the cell to:

  • Shorten the recharging time of the battery
  • Stabilize the temperature during the charging process
  • Optimize the process of absorbing energy by positive and negative plates
  • Extend battery life
  • Reduce the costs of servicing the battery

Water-Fill System

Water-Fill System

During the recharging process, electrolyte temperatures increase causing water to evaporate from the cells, resulting in loss of electrolytes. In order to prevent a significant decrease in the level of electrolytes and sulphation plates in the cell (irreversible damage to the battery), it is necessary to supplement the level of electrolytes by adding deionised water. Replenishing the electrolyte level is the most time consuming activity when using battery power.

Installing the battery system can reduce central filling time as well as maintenance costs of the battery. The advantage of this system is the automatic replenishment of electrolyte levels in all battery cells simultaneously. This system can be installed on request to any type of traction batteries.

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