Renewable energy

opzs solar2

Stationary cells type OPzS Solaropzs-solar-200

Optimised design for renewable energy applications :

  • High number of cycles and long life – over 1500
  • Very thick tubular positive plates for demanding applications
  • Low maintenance – saving costs
  • Completely recyclable – low CO2-footprint
  • DIN 40736-1 compliant


  • Positive electrodes – tubular plates with low antimony lead 
  • Negative electrodes – pasted flat plates 
  • Separators – special microporous material
  • Containers – from durable, transparent styrene acrylonitrile (SAN) to allow electrolyte level and cell condition to be monitored visually
  • Cell lids – made of opaque ABS 
  • Electrolyte – diluted sulphuric acid with a specific gravity of 1.240 ±0.010 at 20°C 
  • Connectors – fully insulated, solid copper inter-cell connectors allow voltage measurements

Capacity C10 do 1,82V [Ah]
C8 do 1,80V [Ah]
C5 do 1,75V [Ah]
C3 do 1,72V [Ah]
C1 do 1,82V [Ah]
L [mm]
W [mm]
H [mm]
weight without acid [kg]
weight with acid [kg]
opzs solar3OPzS150150146129112781032063701116
opzs solar4OPzS2002001951701501051032063701318
opzs solar5OPzS2502502482151851351242063701621
opzs solar6OPzS3003002982572251601452064851824
opzs solar7OPzS3503503453002652301242064852228
opzs solar5OPzS3503503453002601821242064852029
opzs solar6OPzS4204204143603202701452064852431
opzs solar7OPzS4904904804203753201652066602735
opzs solar8OPzS6006005455194503201452066603543
opzs solar9OPzS8008007306906004301912106604760
opzs solar10OPzS100010009158607505402332106605875
opzs solar12OPzS12001200109510329006452752106606787
opzs solar19OPzS19001900180016301425989210440660103141
opzs solar20OPzS200020001900172015001040210440660115160

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